My free Domain from Bryanon - Your thoughts!
  • So have been enjoying playing with my new Domain from Bryanon. Trouble is it expires in 2 weeks time and am not sure if I will have much luck monetizing it in the next two weeks.

    Do you think I might actually get any money for a site only flip with some articles being drip fed over the next few weeks?

    There are about 10 articles scheduled to go out over the next few weeks and I have just done a linking program with SerpAssist so hopefully it will go up the rankings. Have avoided doing any monetization just now whilst the site gets ranked.

    Love to hear your thoughts...
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  • you might be able to just sell it at GoDaddy auctions.
  • If it was mine I would try to rank for "Office 2010 Upgrade" and then monetize by putting up an amazon store selling the upgrade version of Office 2010.
    Maybe offer some tips on how to upgrade and some information about Office 2010 as well?
    Selling it as a domain probably won't make you more than $10.
  • Yep, thats what I am going for... Just seasoning the domain at the moment with some posts.....

    Amazon is ready to go!