Tip - Back Up Your Wordpress Sites Regularly
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    Recently, a lot of wordpress sites have been "hacked" and defaced in any number of ways (including 3 of mine). The hacker will always change the admin username, password and email address so there is no way to access the wp-admin subdirectory.

    The hacker in my case was "Kilo". If you do a google search for "Hacked by Kilo" you will get over 55,000 results - so, if you think it will never happen to you, you may be in for a big surprise some morning.

    Most hosting companies do not automatically backup your website and database, that is your responsibility. Believe it or not backing up your entire wordpress installation is not that difficult.

    There are a couple of ways to :

    #1 - If you have cPanel access to your hosting, simply log into cpanel and scroll down to the "files" area. The first selection is labeled "backup". Simply click on that and it will walk you through a very simple process.

    #2 - There is a great Wordpress plugin called "Backup Buddy". You simply set up a few settings on this and it will make a complete backup of your entire site & database. You can set it up to store the backup on your server, amazon S3, or to your local hard drive. In the event you ever need to re-install your WP setup, there is a utility (PHP script) called "import buddy" that you run and will rebuild your entire site.

    Hopefully none of you will have the joy of getting hacked, but in case you do this is a way to minimize the impact and get your site back up and running asap.

    PS I highly recommend changing the default username of your wordpress site to something other than the default ADMIN. While it won't prevent hacking entirely it may help a little in some cases.

    PPS If you do wake up one morning to find your site has been hacked (and you do not have a current backup) do not say you have not been warned.
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  • Hey thx for info, lucky that my site still ok