2 PR5 domains for sale
  • Hi,

    I have two PR5 domains for sale:


    PM if you are interested.

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  • When will the domains expire and do you have a price point in mind?
  • SingularSkill.com expires on 11 July 2011
    SlumberVision.com expires on 23 July 2011

    I'm hoping to get $130 for each of them.
    I'm willing to make a discount if somebody wants to purchase them both.
  • I presume you bought these recently? Might be worth your while getting something on the site otherwise that PR is going to evaporate pretty fast!
  • yeah...got them recently....but I wanted to sell them fast so I did not built them up.

    Anyway..I'll start to develop them tomorrow into some decent wordpress sites --> then sell some links on them on various forums ---> then list them on Flippa by the end of the week