Could he have got more?
  • ... NO-RESERVE

    I mean he sold it at BIN for the same thing he makes every month!

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  • EXTREMELY poor copy. And no screenshots backing any of his claims - we don't even know if the $680 per month was at all steady or just 'happened' once.
    Using past tense (Revenue with Azeroth Now came from two things, Clickbank made me around $600 a month.) isn't very comforting either.

    In summary, with this kind of copy I think he's lucky he got a BIN purchase. But if the details were correct and the site has actually generated $680/pm steadily or half-steadily then he would've easily gotten anywhere between 4-10k for it.
  • I thought the same. Its a very nice site.
  • Wow - buyer got an absolute bargain there! Goes to show it pays to act fast (one of our main focuses in the course) especially with low end sites that are massively under-priced.

    Could have got 10x that if he hadn't priced so low.
  • If the stats are accurate, he definitely should have gotten more for that. He sold it for $700 when it's bringing in that amount every month? Crazy...
  • He could have sold it for 680usd x 10 months' potential earnings = $6K at least. =)