Would dropshipping work?
  • I currently am offering a dropshipping service for some items (can't say what, contact me if you're interested though).

    On average I make about $1000 a month doing it and I do about 2 hours a work a day.

    Would something like this sell on Flippa even if you say you have to put work into it? It seems the slightest notion of work puts people off for good.

    I would provide them with how to get the information, how to sell it, and to whom to ship it. Honestly, the website I would just throw together real quick so that it's a "website".
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  • Are you doing the despatch? Or are you finding the orders and sending them to a dropshipper?

    It sounds to me like you might be better off writing a report and selling it than developing a website around it.... but I could be wrong.
  • Yeah probably, but I hate writing :(
  • Lol... Tell you what lets do an interview, get it transcribed and split the profits! Great little product there!
  • I never thought of transcribing, how much do you think that would cost on elance or something?
  • [quote="NikGoodrich"]
    I never thought of transcribing, how much do you think that would cost on elance or something?

    I've had it done before for $7 per page (1500chars). Can take a quick look and see if I can find the contact if you want me to.

    That said you can probably find someone for about 5 times less but with things like this I typically avoid cheap labour as good quality and proper grammar are extremely important.
  • A valid point, maybe I'll just bite the bullet on this first one and write it out. Tell you what, if Bryan wants to get a free one to give a review, I'd be happy to sell it cheap here first before I do the circuit (BHW, WF, DP)
  • Sounds good to me.
  • Well the guide itself is finished, it's not too long only about 20 pages, so I thought I'd spend a few days making it pretty and putting in some other stuff, but I kind of want to see some impressions here first, here's what is offered.

    - a guide on haggling on Craigslist
    - where to find premium items for sale
    - best places to sell the items
    - doing research on items
    - a list of marketplaces where you can sell
    - a list of places to get FREE items to sell
    - good items to sell
    - bad items to sell
    - how to start making $50 an hour

    All the things in the book are proved and tested as I've been doing it for the past 6 months or so.

    Now a lot of the things are already known to people in this eBook, and I'm wondering if people will get upset if they pay $40 for a guide that already contained information they knew HOWEVER, there is one specific part that is worth a lot of money and that's the $50 an hour where I tell people exactly what to do to start making $50 an hour.

    There is no catch here either, I make $50 an hour doing this method on Craiglist. I am 100% confident that it will work, too because that's what I make each hour. I guess the catch is you may only be able to work 2-3 hours a day on it, but still working 2 hours to make $100 each day, not half bad.

    The method is 100% legal and not blackhat either, but very few people know of its existence (and I stumbled on it by chance) which is why I'm only going to sell it to a few members on the web (because I want to still profit from it too ;)

    So hopefully by Tuesday I'll be finished and can send it on over to the admins to give a review.