• I was thinking of creating and developing a forum geared to the world of warcraft niche. Has anybody dealt with forums (buying or selling)? How much do they usually go for with a good user base? Monetization possibilites?

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  • I just bought five forums actually, but pretty new for me to be honest. I spotted the potential on Flippa (good multiples) and you can pick up some bargains on DP.

    I've heard on good authority (owner of myBB) that the gaming niche is extremely hard to get profitable. Although, you did spot a good site the other day on WoW that went for a good multiple. Still a market for flipping them, hence why I'm doing that rather than looking for a long-term income. I don't monetize my forums as I don't see the point if I'm not going to do the site justice - just look to build up the userbase (think social media) and resell based on potential.

    Have a look on Flippa for past sales - some go REALLY well.

    Monetization wise, you have a few options:

    - None (my choice)

    - Text links

    - Private banners

    - Adsense (in posts works well - DP style)

    - CPA list blasts

    - Private list blasts

    Keep us updated on what you buy/build - it's my main focus at the moment so would be good to compare notes :D
  • Spot on.

    As forums are ridiculously hard to monetize (i've never seen a forum with an adsense CTR higher than 0.5%) it's almost always profitable to just keep them unmonetized and set the price relying on the members/posts/threads figures instead.

    A few months back I sold a forum (gaming-related, by the way) for around $650 - and even though it had only a few hundred members and about 2k posts the bidding was crazy! If I were to monetize it, even in every single possible way, I would've probably made something like $10 a month.

    That said, forums are hot and sell extremely well. It may be temporary and people may soon start to realise that they don't actually provide as much value, but at least at the time being they make very good 'flipping material'.