Moving Forum from VBulletin to MyBB
  • So after all the excitement of the giveaway I have just bought my first forum....

    Unfortunately it is on vbulletin and I need to transfer it to MyBB.

    Anyone have any experience with this?
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  • If it's not vbulletin 4 then there's software for this.
    I can't remember the name of the software/plugin but I do remember finding it after about 2 minutes of googling.
    Care to share the URL of the forum by the way? Just curious whether it's the same forum Thomas and I thought about buying :)

    EDIT: Found the link for you. It's
  • Nah, this one was cheap!

    Let me know your thoughts!
  • Any particular reason the forum is closed for non-registered members?
    Unless you did it yourself and on purpose, I'd suggest you to open it up right away and let google pick up some threads (if there are any, of course).
  • No.... I have no idea why it is closed! I am trying to find the setting.... It wasnt closed when I viewed it before wanting to buy it but now it is! (Found the setting!)
  • Ok, registered and had a look.

    Nice little forum! Even though you haven't got many members it looks like the ones you do have are pretty active and definitely real accounts. Not bad at all :)

    If it was me, I would monetise it a bit (link sales + mailings), build up the member base by advertising and/or running competitions on other forums, get it ranking for some good keywords and then flip after 2-4 weeks.

    Keep us posted on your progess! :)
  • Thanks! Yes I was pleased with it for the price. Im going to try and move it to MyBB today and add in twitter account and facebook fan page and message current members. Lets see how we get on. Am going to use the ideas in your competition to hopefully get it rocking!
  • So for the other MyBB users out there of which I am a very new one which plugins do you think are essential? I have just installed the google seo plugin which I eventually got working and am just testing a publisher plugin to post to Facebook and Twitter and am debating adding in a shoutbox one. Looking for a good advertising manager plugin. Think I will run with Prosperent for this over Google Ads as more likely to find useful products especially for searchers. The site is almost ready to be moved over. Currently having some password migration issues which I am being helped with on the MyBB forum.

    Its an odd site, it started in July and the guy just ran out of steam.... So lets see where we can take it in the next month or so!