Hey from Germany
  • Hi guys and gals :)

    I have purchased the Flipping Killer websites yesterday and have finished reading it just now. First of all let me thank Bryan and Thomas for this amazing guide. I really like that it is not a 20ish font size with lots of screenshots and fluff to fill it up. 128 pages of business oriented writing this is more than a business plan than an e-information product for me. Also it looks like this forum and its contents compliment the writing very well.

    Something about me maybe? :blush:

    Well, my name is Phil and I'm a 36 yrs old project manager from Germany, freshly married and awaiting my first born next year February :D :D :D

    In my main job I am working in the field of procurement for divisions of a globally acting German company. So the whole negotiating thing with a seller as well as interacting with buyers is not totally new to me. Some of the strategies described in the guide are everyday business to me so I am pretty happy to find a business I can apply these techniques to fill up my own bank account. ;)

    In terms of Internet Marketing I tried several methods through the past 24 months. Started with "Niche Blueprint" and since then purchased several ebooks and software worth some thousand USD. I also own some pretty decent tools like Market Samurai, Keyword Spyglass, Scrapebox etc.

    My mid-term plan for flipping websites would be to establish a good foundation so I can maybe quit my everyday job and work from home to see my little one grow up. Also this should be the foundation for other IM strategies I plan to do that require some investment.

    Regarding the guide, I have some questions (not sure if this is the right place for them, but hey, I'll give it a try):
    [*]On page 55 Bryan talks of a Buyer's Master Checklist Currently I cannot find it online in this forum so I assume that I did search for the wrong keywords. Maybe you can you give a tip, where to search for it or which document is it.[/*:m]
    [*]In the same section there's a paragraph talking about filters that are applied on a search for a website to buy in the DP forums. What filters are these (like everything <USD 100, >PR4 etc. that are preconfigured by the DP forums)?[/*:m][/list:u]

    I am also a pretty experienced Photoshop user and have some proficiency in XHTML, CSS and stuff like that. What would you suggest, should I use these skills in addition to increasing conversion rates etc. to improve sites I plan to purchase?

    Again, thanks for the great guide and for this forum, it looks awesome to me and I am very much looking forward to talk to you guys...

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  • Gruss Gott, Phil.

    Im always embarrassed when I meet Germans whose English is better than mine!

    I think the checklist you are referring to is here: http://flippingnetwork.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=149, which is one of many threads in the Toolbox section found here: http://flippingnetwork.com/forum/forumd ... php?fid=32.

    For sure Photoshop is a good skill to have and what you do to make the site look great will have an impact on the sites sales value.

    Look forward to hearing your experiences!