How much autoblog in first page google worth?
  • Hello guys, been a while, i am extreme busy with my study, so i nearly postpond my flilliping career, just do it occasionally on weekend....
    Currently i want to get rid of my autoblog , bought it 2weeks ago

    Now its rank on first page of google, pr0, position is about 4-5 below 1st place

    Traffic is not bad, everyday get organic about 10-15 visits, my blog is about Apple product, news...

    Auto blog, tweete, everything auto, nice theme, search term is high volumn, i guess more than 5000 perday

    Revenue is zero, well, it is actually a few buck from the guy i purchase, but he doesn't give me the image later, damn seller, i use adsense, so nobody click...

    So i want to get rid of it, focuss on study , and maybe do anothet flip when i have time, this time is not good for me,
    So can you evaluate the site value? How much it would possible sellable?

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  • I don't think you will get much for it if you can't show any revenue.
    If you list it right now you will probably end up selling it for $100 or $200.
  • thx for your input