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  • Not sure if this is useful but when of the things I am experimenting with is driving Traffic to my sites from Twitter and Facebook. Particularly useful with Twitter, which probably accounts for 2-300 visits a day across various accounts.

    I thought I would add this in here and hopefully others of you who are using Twitter and Facebook can add your comments and advice as this is by no means exhaustive!

    What I do is I create a Facebook Page and a Twitter Account.

    The website normally a Wordpress Blog is set up with a plugin called yourls to twitter which I have found to be one of the simplest and it is also compatible with WP Robot. This automatically posts my blog posts to Twitter. I am currently struggling to get my first forum to integrate with Twitter and Facebook so new Topics automatically get posted from MyBB to the respective sites.

    I then have a Facebook Page which I also integrate with my Twitter Account. You do this by visiting which is exclusively for linking facebook pages to twitter.

    Integrating Twitter to Facebook is a bit harder, but the best solution I have come up with so far is to use an app called Involver.

    Once you have your twitter account set up you can use a service called socialoomph which will automatically follow back people who follow you which can be a pain as quite often you will have a twitter account full of spammers but the other thing it will do is send an auto direct message to new followers to point them in the direction of your webpage. It wont drive much traffic as a lot of people ignore DMs but it will drive some.

    Finally I have some software which is pretty expensive called TweetAttacks. What this does is it will automatically follow the followers of people in your field and unfollow those who don'tfollow you back. If anyone wants it it may well still be a Warrior Forum Special Offer. I am also an affiliate for it so I would offer to give you a kickback but unfortunately it pays every other sale as commission and it is not something I am promoting so I doubt that I would get the money back to kickback! Anyway its powerful software and that only covers the basic functionality of it! Running it every day without being over the top should get you between 500 & 1000 new followers a week.

    Anyway I hope you found that useful and please add any comments you may have so I can improve my Twitter and Facebook marketing!
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  • Great tips, Justin.

    Feel free to post your affiliate link to the software you mentioned. Just make sure you offer both an affiliate link and a regular link!


    P.S. I've moved this to the Tips & Tricks section.
  • Justin: I've heard a few bad things about TweetAttacks lately. Is it still working effectively for you?
  • Thanks Bryanon. Don't mind if people use my affiliate link or not but if enough people do for me to actually get some money out of it will happily kickback some commission.

    Hey Thomas, I have never had any problems with TweetAttacks. Having said that I only have around 15 twitter accounts and I don't use it exceptionally heavily. For what it is worth it is being regularly updated. I find it impressive software but like any of these tools if you use it for excessive spamming it will almost certainly cause you problems.

    It also does have proxy support if you want to use it excessively. Here is the latest change log and here is the user manual if you want to take a look at what it can do.

    This is an affiliate link for TweetAttacks: and the non affiliate link is[hr]
    Oh, One other thing. I have found someone on Fiverr who will get 1000 fans to your page for $5. So am trying that out and if it works will let you know!
  • Tried to edit the first post but couldn't so will add this in here. Once your facebook page has 20 users you can then create an official facebook name for it and as it always takes me an age to find where to do it you need to go to