Can you help me? Is the site worth purchasing?
  • Hey there,

    I have scrolled through don't know how much pages in DP forums and I finally have found one page that I wanted to ask you if you think is worth investing in:

    Website type: Game forum
    Site established: August 2010
    Members: 30
    Threads: 131 threads, 594 posts

    The seller cannot provide any analytics yet. I have checked the keywords on Google and see they are already on page 2 for three keywords where as the main keyword needs to be improved.

    The special thing about this website is that it's promoting a game that is soon to be released so my expectations would be a jump in the searches and visitors to the site. Also some of the techniques described in the guide to improve SEO etc. can easily be applied.

    Another idea would be to improve the following things on the page for a mid-term flip

    [*]ad adsense[/*:m]
    [*]ad Amazon affiiates[/*:m]
    [*]run Forum promotion (incentive for new users etc.)[/*:m][/list:u]

    What do you think, is this whole stuff worth 100 bucks? (BIN is USD 100, currently it's not there but close)...

    Would really appreciate your comments and thoughts... Thanks in advance...

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  • Good question.... I have just bought a gaming forum and although I spent slightly less I think it could well be a good buy.

    I am debating what to do about monetization... I am a little worried that monetization is something that could drive members away if done too aggressively. It is probably worth looking at Bryanon and Thomas's competition to win a forum. Some great ideas in there I thought!

    Whats the forum platform? Mine was on Vbulletin so I had to change it to MyBB as I didn't want to have to pay for a Vbulletin licence, one of the problems with that is the passwords were not ported over, so that was a bit of a hassle. Spent about 8 hours on my site so far and managed to attract 3 new members, none of whom have yet confirmed their accounts!
  • Hey justin,

    thanks for your reply.

    Well, the forum itself is already on MyBB so that would be a perfect match.

    I would coordinate implementation of monetization (like adwords or amazon) with a competition.

    I think about about a USD 50 voucher from amazon or similar (maybe you have to ask the members) and then something like the member who brings the most new members who contribute at least three posts (or five, you name it) will win that gift card.

    You mention a post with ideas to win a forum, can you send me (or post) the link?

    Aso one of my problems is, that, although I am experienced in the field of gaming I have no clue in that special product. Nevertheless, I think I will buy it....
  • Here's a link to the submissions: ... php?fid=66

    Some fantastic ideas in there!
  • Hey there,

    Yes you can see the submissions and the comments here: ... php?fid=66

    I have no experience in the world of gaming. Don't want to become a moderator on my forum as well do you! ;)
  • thanks for the responses, guys...

    some more questions (as I am short before purchasing the forum :) ):

    [*]@justin: Is it easy to import an existing database into a new hosting environment using the same forum platform / software?[/*:m]
    [*]Would you recommend to stay with the hosting company where the forum already is hosted (would cost me another 50 bucks)?[/*:m][/list:u]

    Sorry, don't want to be a pain in the *ss but why not asking the experts around here...

  • Hey, It was pretty easy for me.... If you are at all familiar with php my admin it will be very easy. I did a video for importing a database for wordpress on one of my youtube channels. The principle is the same. You just need to install the my bb software on your host, and then delete the sdefault installation and then reupload the existing database. If you get stuck I could probably do it for you for $20! The video is here:

    Some people say that there is a negative reaction to host changes from Googles point of view but I have never found that and I would have thought there is no need to keep the forum where it currently is!