my apple site is on the game
  • he, just listed my autoblog site,
    hope it go well, i plan to get rid of it to do some study

    can u guy give me some feedback?
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  • ahh, sign.....

    my site has been taken down because of the trademark APPLE...

    i featured it one day and got 8 bid already .....

    consider 2nd attempt fail
  • Someone must have reported it. Flippa have got quite strict on copyright lately.

    Contact all the bidders privately and ask if they would still be interested. I've often sold sites like this when auctions have been removed.
  • Wow... That sucks! Wonder if that will happen to my Microsoft Office 2010 Upgrade... Which is now on page 1.

    Just need to start monetizing the site now and get a few more articles on there, before I look at flipping it.

    I hate Apple! PS I don't want to buy it... my $1 bid was just so I could track it!