dropshipping site = high $$$$
  • i saw lots of dropshipping site that sold with high $$$ with 3-4 month since registration date

    How to make dropshipping site ?
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  • It's easy to make the site, hard to find the products unfortunately.
  • Do we have to invest money for the products that we are about to sell or is it just we provide leads to people who have products?
  • When dealing with dropshipping you have to provide the products yourself. It's just too hard to have 2 middle men.

    If something costs $20 to make and sells for $50. Then the dropshipper has to charge you $30 for the item, which means you have to charge $40 for the final guy and there's just no profit to be made there.

    The best way to do it is to buy wholesale and then offer dropshipping services. Check out http://www.liquidation.com/