Some questions - considering buying sites
  • Alright so I am considering buying some sites they are but ugly and it doesn't seem like they are running on WP.

    So here is my questions:

    1. The seller have removed the adsense from the sites since he put them up for sale, but still his screenshot of earnings goes back to that date. How should I explain that to the buyers?

    2. Do you think I should convert it to wordpress? I guess if I do, I can just say that's why there haven't been adsense up for a little while?

    3. Another problem I have is that he lists a bunch of domains with his url in his auction. So if people search on the domain on google people will be able to see I bought it cheaper than what I am selling it for(which is a major concern for me btw)
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  • Just be honest, what looks dishonest is if you try to hide information from them. If you explain it they'll understand.

    As for #3, not much you can do there, if it shows up it shows up. However, people won't pass up a good deal even if you got a better one.