• I have 40$ to spend on a site for a quick flip.I want to know:
    Should I go ahead and search for a site on DP to buy or should I buy a domain and build a site by myself?:huh:
    I'm not good at SEO or Web design so you can see why I'm not sure what to do yet.
    All opinions would greatly be appreciated.
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  • If you're not good at SEO or Web design maybe you're good at monetisation? If so, buy a site from DP on that logic.
  • I'm a noob so I can't say I'm good at anything at the moment but I want some advice from people who bought from DP before.Is it worth buying from DP or should I make a site by myself?I'm asking this because I don't have the money to experiment so like I said in the OP,any advice will greatly appreciated.
  • Do not worry. Just buy a site from DP with a poor copy. Write a better copy and sell it. As simple as that. I have done it and it works wonders. You need not touch it a bit. Atleast that's what i did. My copy wasn't top notch too..But it sold. As the saying goes "anything sells on flippa" ;)

    P.S: Just do the due diligence while buying and selling to make sure you are not scammed and lose your money.
  • How was your profit from the flip considering you didn't touched it at all?