New Site Flipping Network - Offering Free Listings For A Limited Time
  • Hi Everyone,

    I was just made aware of a new site selling marketplace. I know nothing about them other than they are offering free listings at the moment.

    Probably not much buyer traffic right now - but for free, it may be worth your while.

    Also, it may be a good place to pick up a site as well.

    Like I said, I know nothing about it other than someone told me about it today. Site is:
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  • Would advise avoiding sites like this. I know the guy who owns the script this runs on and I can tell you it is not well coded. Tons of sites like this crop up, you're likely to get no exposure and a bunch of spammy emails :)
  • Lol... Thomas you should stary a flippa style market place!! With all your experience and contacts am sure it would rock! You can give free listings to everyone on here.

    Hell, I would probably fund it.
  • Not completely out of the question longer term, but it's a tough business plan to figure out. Many have tried and failed :)