Give Buyer Marketing Guide
  • Hi everyone,

    I've done some successful site flipping in the past but with the information I've gotten from the guide I will surly get a higher end price for my websites.

    In the guide Thomas said that he offers his clients a "Getting Started" guide on how to promote their sites.

    I was thinking about doing this for my next flips and was wondering if anyone can share such a guide with us all?

    I have tons of PLR products but if anyone would like to share the guide you give to your clients I would appreciate it.

    Thomas would you mind sharing your ebook with us? :shy:
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  • I vary what I give them depending on their level of experience. It's also better if everyone gives something different, or it will reduce the effectiveness if 5000 of us are giving away the same stuff! Anything will do, though, it's more about the incentive to BIN than anything else UNLESS you want to upsell consulting at a later stage. In this case, you want to rebrand the PLR to have your own name on it :)

    Here's a good way to really add value as a BIN bonus:

    Instead of the usual "ebook to get you started" and "one hour consultancy with me". Offer them a 10 week training course on running their new e-business (valued at $10,000). Sound complicated?! Nope :) All you need to do, is grab 10 of those PLR ebooks, rebrand them with your name on, and send them one each week. You'll have to answer a few questions, but that isn't too hard.
  • that's a cool tip, thanks Thomas.. As I have access to tons of PLRs this really is helpful... :)