Forum Buying Checklist!!
  • I know a guy from DP. I brought a forum from him recently and the transfer well. Now he's offering me a database of 26,875 posts in 3,163 threads.
    We currently have 3,648 members registered.

    What questions to ask him and how much is it worth for so that i can bargain for a reasonable price without over paying.

    P.S: I hope Thomas comes up with a checklist to buy forums as FN is buzzing with Forum giveaways,Forum buying and discussion and what not ;)[hr]
    Update: He's asking around $100 for the forum database.
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  • I would ask how old the forum data is and ask to see the forum if it is currently up. He may set up a test forum for you to look at the data.

    You also want to make sure he is only selling it to you, and try and find out when the last posters were active. I am in the process of merging in a dead forum into mine, with some 50 odd members and around 5248 posts. Trouble is last post was pretty much made last year.

    Still I hope it will help with more/better content and that I can reactivate some of the members.

    A decent forum checklist would be helpful. I am unsure how a forum is valued, but I presume it is mainly on active members![hr]
    $100 sounds reasonable! I found another forum database but they wanted $200 similar kind of size. Right now I would rather spend that money on getting a better theme, I think my forum is going to be a long term flip. We shall see!
  • 100 bucks doesn't sound bad assuming it is relevant content and won't ruin the forum. Offer him 50, he won't refuse. Just to clarify: it's not a cloned database of another forum right? If it is, I would avoid it.

  • The database seems to have come from another forum.. i saw them in that introduce yourself section. I have no idea like justin on valuing forums. Seems it's cloned.
  • Exactly as Thomas said - if it's cloned then avoid it.

    Not only can you run into problems with the owner of the original forum (given that the content is scraped and the original forum doesn't belong to the person selling you the DB) but the posts/threads are likely to provide no SEO-value what so ever.

    Oh, and in case the database ships with a member database keep in mind that sending these members emails is considered spam as they haven't registered on your forum.