Tada! $2000 a month strategy VIP ONLY!
  • Okay guys,

    Well since this forum has been kind to me I've decided to share this FIRST with VIP members before moving on to other forums.

    I have just finished my eBook Craigslist Cash Cow and it's finally available to sell.

    Here's some info about it.


    The only difference is I'm selling this for $49.

    In a nutshell here's what I'm offering.

    I'm only going to invite 10 affiliates to promote this, and only 10 however in order to become an affiliate you must...

    - already have experience in affiliate sales (if you're new this will be too hard for you to do)
    - have a paypal account (this is how I will be paying you)

    Just tell me what you have done and show some proof of this, this is very informal, but I'll know what a good affiliate is and you will too.

    Affiliates will receive 60% of the sale ($29.40 per sale minus paypal fees and chargebacks) and will be allowed to sell anywhere practically (restrictions apply)

    Now normally people would just go with clickbank with this, but I'm offering a WAY better deal here.

    1. Affiliates will be paid every Friday, so once a week.
    2. The top affiliate will earn 65% revenue each week (a bonus)
    3. Each affiliate will earn exclusive selling rights on forums (to be discussed below)

    You can sell this any way you want, on your own website or even in forums which is the catch here.

    You may sell on DP, BHW, WF and be the EXCLUSIVE Seller there as it has not been promoted anywhere.

    Simply listing this as a WSO will get you 50 sales or about $1500.
    Same goes for BHW and DP.

    This is a first come first serve basis (qualified) so if you want dibs on the exclusive rights to sell this on BHW then you need to send in your application ASAP and let me know you want these rights.

    I will not give away a free copy of this though for reviews as Bryan and Thomas said they would write a review for it.

    If you would like to know what you are selling though I'm offering a discount of $19 for all members here on the forum. Just contact me if you want to purchase it at this price and I'll be more than happy to do so.

    This also comes with a bunch of bonus material as well.

    You're allowed to use my video that I've made along with graphics and proof that are on the site (contact me for more material).

    If you have any questions send me a PM or email me at goodrichnik@gmail.com


    Now comes the $2000 a month website flipping strategy. Once you have run your marketing course and have made some good money I will allow you to have master resale rights and make a website for this product and sell it on Flippa. So pretty much if you make $1000 this month you could easily get $3000 for it on Flippa and I'll email you the paypal payments so you can upload proof on your listing.

    Not bad for being able to this for free.[/code]

    Thanks guys!
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  • Hi Nick,

    I'd like to promote the book on DP :)

    I'm sure the WF is a better deal but I have no experience in running a WSO so I'll the DP if it's ok with you.

    Let me know.
  • Hey MrSparrow

    Send me an email at goodrichnik@gmail.com with your experience in dealing with CPA or affiliate marketing and then I can get you setup with the affiliate stuff. Thanks!
  • Hey guys,

    Just letting you know I'm ending the offer, all positions have been filled and all reduced prices are done. Thanks for the support!
  • [quote="NikGoodrich"]
    Hey guys,

    Just letting you know I'm ending the offer, all positions have been filled and all reduced prices are done. Thanks for the support!

    Hey nIk,

    sorry if that sounds rude but I took a look at your link previously and due to the really bad layout I had no clue what this was all about. The design was totally messed up in Opera and besides reading some oversized bullet points I didn't really get what this was all about.

    Just in case you want to use that salesletter in the future I would strongly recommend to adjust it to a nice design and put more content in it. Just my 0.02 as a potential buyer of these IM products...

  • $47 is I am sure a reasonbale price for the product but at that price it is way too expensive for a WSO. Would probably sell well at the $19 price mark there. I am sure. Conceivably could be sold for $77 - $97 but without seeing the product its hard to tell. Also have to agree with Phil. You need to get a much better sales letter. Take a look at DanKennedy's Sales Letters that sell. Should be able to get it off Amazon for a couple of bucks and is a very good and useful read!

    Anyway congrats on finding your first core affiliates. Selling your own product is without a doubt the best way to make money online!
  • Oh, sorry for not keeping up. No, that is no longer the website. Also the WSO is not selling for that price, we've moved past these things already.

    The professional website should be done in about a week and we're doing quite well for getting it off the ground and have a few good reviews already.

    If anyone is still interested though I can sell some discounted copies, but only because I like ya.