Quick flip succes
  • Hi guys,

    Wanted to share a success story.

    Bought: articlecress.com from DP
    Price: $100
    Time spend on improvements: none
    Money spend on improvements: none
    Grand total spend: $100

    Auction: Flippa, 7days, $150 reserve, $400 BIN
    Viewed: 400+
    Watched: 14
    Bids: 10
    Sold for: $296

    Profit: $196
    Time spent in total: 2h TOPS.

    Auction: http://flippa.com/auctions/106732

    If you have any questions, please shoot.

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  • Nice,congrat
    How come u buy it for so cheap?
  • Congrats,

    Does that include fees associated with Flippa?
  • Oh yea, forgot to mention, Flippa fees: $19 + $29

    The previous owner wanted like $150 and I just bargained it down since it was the second time it was listed and nobody made a bid.
    It was a pretty quick sale actually
  • Congrats!!! it nice profit...
  • Thanks guys, hop to do one of these each day pretty soon, only thing is finding the right merchandise ;)
  • How did you start your auction? at 1$ no reserve? or did you start it at a higher price level?

  • Hi,

    Starting at $1, reserve $150.

  • How much was the site making a month? and what were the traffic stats?
  • Hi,

    Around $20,-

  • Quick question, I've seen that in the book and around the forums
    but what does the ,- mean in $20,-?
  • - stand for the number 00 as in $20,00 so $20,- is $20,00
  • Great success story. Thanks for sharing and taking the time to answer all the questions. I am just getting started and I think the quick flip route sounds perfect for newbies.