Hidden Auctions - Don't bother...
  • Heya everyone - Very rare that I have anything vaguely useful to contribute, but hopefully this one might save a few people a few bucks..

    Long story short, I had a website to flip, but for various reasons I didn't want the auction showing up on search engines. I bought the additional fee option 'hide from search engines and non-logged in users' for $19, and therefore thought things would be secure.
    A day after the auction closed I did a quick backlink search on google, and there was my auction, linked via another website that scrapes the Flippa.com RSS feed. I won't mention the sites name here as I don't really want to advertise them.

    I contacted Flippa.com about this, and their response was that 'they're aware of site xxxx, and are negotiating with them, and they'll be making changes to the Flippa.com RSS feed in the future to exclude hidden auctions'.

    For now though, even if you pay the extra fee, your auction WILL show up on search engines - so save your money! :)
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  • Thanks for the heads up!