• hello there everyone,

    it's great to be here...i've not done any site flipping yet and am keen and yet both anxious to start.

    I'm not sure where to start.

    I would like a nice cash injection before christmas but i am suffering from paralysis i'm afraid.

    I have a whole host of sites that aren't doing much that i'd like to sell, i have existing products on clickbank that make sporadic sales i'd like to sell, and i probably have a few good domains too just to sell.

    i'm just not sure where to start, what's the best use of my time, how i can make the most profits etc, with sites that i already own.

    any help would be greatly appreciated.


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  • Collen,

    great to have you here...

    if you could give some details of sites that u have without giving the url it would help members to give you some guidance... Best would be to start with clickbank product which u have...
  • Welcome to the forums.

    Best way to get started is to sell your first site, this will help you get used to the process, which can then be applied over and over.

    Pick one of your sites, and then go through the ebook making notes and picking up tips that are relevant to that site. If you're happy to do it... write up a draft listing for the site and post it here. Plenty of helpful members will give you some pointers to make your listing copy perfect :)