Looking For A Partner To Purchase 4 Inexpensive Websites Already Making Adsense Inc
  • Hi Everyone,

    I will keep this very short & sweet. I stumbled across a guy who has 4 sites and really needs some money. I just don't have the time right now to do all 4 of these by myself so I am looking for a partner. Your cost to partner with me for all 4 sites would be $100.

    My thinking is we could easily flip 1 of these for that and end up with 3 sites for free to do what we want with.

    I am not going to post the domains in this thread but will share the adsense numbers & site names to a potential partner. From January to September the 4 sites have made $25 in adsense income, with the best site of them making $12 of that.

    I have to run but PM me or reply to this post and I will get you the details.

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  • I'm interested, shoot me all the details.
  • I'd be open to hear your ideas.
  • Sorry Guys - this deal has changed on me,

    Since this morning the seller has sold the best site he had of the bunch income wise - which accounted for most of the adsense income.

    There are 3 sites left, he wants $25 each or $75 for all 3 - they took in around $6 in adsense income - so $75 is right at market value for the sites so I am not so excited about the deal anymore.

    If you want the sites I can put you in touch with the seller, he is reliable.

  • Can you PM me the sites?