Need advice before buy this site
  • Ok the site is

    The guy who is selling it had it on a BIN of $199.

    He says it makes a little bit of money and has shows me screenshots but one does not look very real to be honest

    here is the screen shots

    He then came to me claiming that he would sell it for $50. I knocked him down to $35 being cheeky explaining how shit the site looks etc.

    I am now thinking he is trying to pull a fast one. I am not sure even if the PR1 is valid.

    He stats

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    What do you guys think??
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  • PR1 appears to be valid.

    Does the site have any income or traffic ?

    Why do you want the site ?

    What would you do with it ? by that, I mean is it something you can get traffic & earnings up on and then flip ? if not I would pass.

    Who will pay/do the transfer of the site ? Work out those details before you send any money.
  • Screenshots look a bit dodgy to me, but these days anything can be faked so I wouldn't buy on the basis of revenue (on this site, anyway). If you really want to know, ask him if he can do a teamviewer session and show you the stats live.

    If you have a good plan for the site then $35 doesn't sound too bad. Is the content unique? I'm assuming not but it would be a good start.

  • I don't believe the content is unique. He claims it makes rev but it all seems strange. I think I will go with my gut and pass. He seemed to Want to drop the price fast.
  • Yep. Sounds like a good call. With things like this, instinct is often the best way to judge!