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  • Hi Everyone,

    I'm looking to raise some cash to pick up a big site I'm looking at buying so I did something I don't normally do and that is list a site before it is fully ready.

    I made this product last month and made about $250 on warrior forum so far (2 weeks) so I figured I would throw a quick site together and list it on flippa. Net profit was $170 so the price is at or below market. THis particular product would lend itself very well to a membership type site in the future so the buyer has plenty of options.

    I would take anything over $1,000 for it, but put the BIN at $1,499 to see if anyone will pop for it.

    The auction is here: ... ew-and-Hot

    Please give me your thoughts - good and bad.

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  • I saw that earlier on today as I am watching you. Its different I will say that much.
  • Hi mrstealth,

    Happy that you flipped the giveaway forum at $300. That could have fetched a lot more with a few changes in Flippa listing copy. As far as this auction is considered, if i were you i would atleast put a 7 day auction if i'm selling anything over $1k. 3 day is too less. Did you feature it and if you did when? I think the sales copy need improving and the title could have been better too because those are the factors that'll decide how much your site will sell for. I wouldn't bother mentioning warrior forum on flippa unless anybody specifially asks for.

    Just my 2 cents :)
  • First auction did not hit reserve so am re-listing it today. Made some changes to the title and ad copy - will run this one for 5 days and see if that helps.

    Since the first listing I have added (and am going to ad a couple of more) content pages to the site. I also did a small press release submission and got page 1 ranking for 2 keywords "instant text business" and "instant text messaging business". I will do some more backlinking and seo and press release to further solidify the ranking and traffic.

    We will see what happens.