Can We Sale Text Link on a New Site?
  • Why sale a turn key site when you can double and triple your site value by having revenue. But, Let's do both.

    I am already sale new, fresh, potential, turnkey site (whatever you said) on flippa. And also plan to have one month and 6 months site that have revenue implementing the course.

    But I still curious, if I can make revenue with the new site, it can be easy money. It can be replace all BIN bonuses like directory submition, blog comment and another after sales bonus (i am actually do that for free, not upsale - my fool)

    So, anyone have idea about this :huh: So we can tell at the auction that we have make money from new installed site.

    Adsense? too hard,
    Affiliate? not have idea.
    Amazon? can't stand with small percentage
    CPA? my english is bad, I dont even get accepted

    I am bad on getting revenue for the sites i wanna flip, I sale the 'potential' (please dont blame me)

    Selling text link, look promises. Not really confident to do it. But if this method can be done with new site even just for $20, i will try it.

    The site is new, no PR no Traffic. Can it be done?

    note: sorry for my very bad english.
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  • I increased the rev on a site the I picked up that was 1 month old making nothing. Sold links on it totalling $30 per month and I am looking at flipping it now.

    Just beconfident in how u come across and sell the site
  • Thanks irnwho,
    Happy to know that is possible to do it.
    I just curious, How you sell the text link? and where? If you dont mind to share it :)
    I dont think DP is right place to sale it (yes, i can't judge it, cause i never try. Just guess). I see people find something really cheap there.
  • I sell mine on dp as I am not looking long term I am looking at a quick flip so for $5 they would get a site wide link for a month and a blog post. I need the rev so I can flip it. It's easy really. If u can get a gd topic anyway lol