Massive Increase in Flippa Users
  • It seems as of yesterday, users online on flippa has jumped from anywhere between 800-1500 to 4000-5000! I guess they've been doing some major promotion. It can only help us :D
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  • yeah it's crazy.4146 users now and it's not prime time yet!!
  • I love it. Now come and buy my site lol
  • *Warning*Don't list your site in flippa seeing a huge increase in their traffic. I know what is causing it and it'll drain in a couple of days. They are all sellers. Won't do you any good if you list your site now except the high competition and faster drifting away of your site from featured!!
  • I had my listed awhile back. Why do you think the increase has happened??
  • I dunno why i must say this, but Do check your PM irnwho ;)
  • Yeah - I wish it was buyers, but don't think it is.
  • Foz I know what you mean now. I hate Australians :P. I like their keyword program tho :)
  • They are probably registering and getting familiar with flippa,not actually there even to sell anything :D Wait for the movement to slow down and become normal again before listing a site again.
  • Well its too late for mine but I have another that I will do more work to.