Flipping Paradise.....
  • Hello Everyone,

    Having purchased this course mainly due to the strong background experiences of the founders of this forum. I firmly believe that they give the most sound advices if not the best advises we can receive in this field.

    Quit my job on the 1st Oct this year and also getting married in the same month. > whew < Normally, no one would make such a rash decision, not forgetting that I also don't have another job on hand.

    Feel so tired and sick of working for others... and at the mercy of our customers. For once, I want to call my own shots... and I found it right here!

    I am looking forward to this new exciting adventure with all of you guys here @ Flipping Network!

    Long Live Flipping,
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  • Good luck mate. Hope all works out for you.
  • Good luck :)
  • irnwho, thanks for your blessings mate...

    fozer0l, I can see you almost everywhere, like the Energizer Rabbit with boundless of energy.... hehe
  • Yeah.. just hopping around to learn as much as i can ;) If you need help just ask away. We're here
  • fozer0l,

    Are you presently receiving mentoring? How is the preparation for your site for sale so far or is it your number 5th sale already ?
  • I've listed my site day before yesterday and currently it's got a highest bid of $350. The bidder looks legitimate. Hope everything goes well :)
  • fozer0l,

    Keep us posted of your progress and make sure you post a new thread and share your success story once again, k?