My First Flippa auction
  • Hi all,

    This is my first flippa flipping auction. Please provide any feedback.

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  • was it your forum or did you just buy it in order to flip it?
    If you recently bought it, how much did you pay for it?
  • I bought it recently..
  • Hi - Great looking auction and site. PR3 & 270,000 alexa - that is a really nice site - the extra domains are also a nice plus.

    I would get screen shots of the proof of earnings and traffic onto the auction just as verification of your earnings.

    Well done!
  • Thank you...

    Just uploaded the AWSTATS and Revenue details today to the auction copy. There are 2 bids as of now and let me see how it performs.

    My auctions is pushed to Page 4 and is at 100 Listings :(

  • congrats! you listing is great and sold with so many bidders!
  • Thank you,

    It went to the wire...and I have to be up whole night LOL

    It got extended 3 times...any way it was very good learning and am sure it would help me in my further auctions...

    I could say one one coaching really helped to put this auction successfully.