[ASK] Are Buying PR Domain on GoDaddy Auction Worth?
  • Dear Flippers,

    Just wanna know is there someone experienced with buying PR Domain at DoDaddy Auction?

    * Is it worth?
    * Can we sale text link with those domains (cause it seem the pagerank to be forget)?
    * Can we keep the pagerank after we re-build it?

    Hope someone expert can help :rolleyes:
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  • It really depends on a case-by-case basis,

    remember, page rank is not permanent - it will drop quickly if content & back links are not going to the domain, so if you do buy the domain be prepared to get some decent content up in a hurry to avoid loosing too much.

    Also, for text link sales, you need traffic to the site, not just page rank.

    I will normally go after these but not pay too much of a premium just because it has PR unless it is a really great exact match domain for the keyword I am after.
  • You simply can not leave them lying around. Do not buy them for the sake of it buy them with a purpose. Once you have the domain you need to work fast to keep the PR.