Partner with me and make the cash
  • So I currently have a partnership with a member of this forum who will vouch for me that I mean what I say.

    I will only work with 2 others at a time and the rules are simple.

    I will work on traffic and monitise of the site. You will work on the rest. The adsense will be mine as 1. I can monitor wots working 2. There is no risk to your own accounts 3. It would cost me to make money and so it's my insurance.

    Any further questions please ask.

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  • What does "the rest" include?
    - Content
    - Design
    - Investment
  • I was very vague with my post sorry about that. Ok well if you found a site that you would want to work on or more so have one then you have made that investment.

    All content and design will be done by yourself.

    I would work on off site Sri and monitise it
  • I guess this is dead in the water then
  • im interested - I have graphics skills so can help with this -
    we are all in the same boat so we would be wise to stick together -

    what do you propose we do - buy a site - revive it and sell it ?
  • hi irnwho,

    i'm interested too, but can you offer more details as to how you'd like this partnership to work? how does the workload and profits split after a sale? who handles the flip?
  • The handle of the flip is your call. I will only make the money on the site. Its my niche so to speak. I currently have a site for a week now making $20 per day in adsense.