• hello,
    some of you may know me from other websites/forums, some not.
    i´ve never done anything flipping related before and hope to get a little extra money from it.
    as internet marketing changes very fast sometimes i always look for new income streams.
    i´m a fulltime internet marketer and make my money from p2p traffic, ppv, facebook ads and some other things and maybe from site flipping too soon...

    greets, darkstar69
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  • Hey mate,

    Welcome to the forum. Hopefully you will learn enough to have a nice income stream from flipping to subsidise your current income. Feel free to ask any questions you may have.

  • Hello, hope you can share you knowledge with all of us about what you already know. You already have an advantage if you know how to monetize sites. Makes flipping a lot more enjoyable and profitable.

  • hehe, just because i make money online does not mean i know how to monetize websites...
    the only website i own (besides my company website) was created in about ten minutes about 5 years ago.
    it´s a simple one page only html website that looks so ugly that every kid could do it better.
    but hey, this ugly old thing alone makes me about €40k/year on average.
    i can´t design websites, i have no knowledge of programming languages, no graphic skills and writing emails or sales letters is a pain for me because i´m not a native english speaker...
    but i have a very strange mindset that brings me an never ending amount of weird ideas for making money.
    and this ideas are all working without having websites.
    so i´m very curious to see, how much money i will be able to pull from siteflipping as it´s a complete new thing for me.

    greets, darkstar69
  • Nonetheless, welcome and enjoy your stay.