Where to get pr domains?
  • I can't search right now as on mobile. I just want to know where you guys search for domains with pr or traffic??

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  • www.dnforum.com has sections for all that. IMO, there really is no better place to get domains if you're willing to pay what they are worth. That's the main "problem" with DNForum, the members there really know the domain market and how much things are worth, but if you want premium domains, you'll find them there. I've found some good deals that have made me good money there in the past, but you have to be a little lucky or networked.

    DP also seems to have a lot of PR domains, but you need to do your due diligence and make sure the PR is going to hold. Remember, just because the Google toolbar is showing a PR4 doesn't mean the site is CURRENTLY a PR4. It just means the last time Google dumped their PR database (which happens about 3 times a year) that's what the domain was. Google keeps the PR updated in real time internally, so that PR4 domain might be a PR0 domain now. Always check the back links, including the content of those back links and the class C ranges. A PR5 back link on a link farm of a totally unrelated niche or on the same class c isn't going to be nearly as useful to maintaining that PR as a relevant back link or a different class c. Unless you want to start talking short term BH techniques, but that's a totally different topic.
  • A very good reply there. I was however thinking of a site that shows you a list of domains with them ie. Godaddy auctions with a list of all the domains that you can pick through.

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