$59/month and went for over $1k ?!
  • I noticed this site while doing some research on flippa and it seems to me that this guy is doing something right...


    It just blew my mind how a site like that could go for over 1 grand. That's like 20 months worth of revenue. What do you think are the main points that raised so much interest into this? (1,739 Views and 43 Bids too)
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  • abisko is a pretty well known seller (he's mainly a broker nowadays, selling for other people, as far as I know) and has been pretty successful.

    With this particular listing, he's done pretty much everything exactly the way it's supposed to be done - starting from the listing copy itself (which, by the way, is a rehash of one of the templates I've created and used - guess I need to take it as a compliment, lol), ending up with how he manages his auctions. Some things that are a must for an auction like this:

    1. Featuring it several times (at the correct time of day)
    2. Getting it to the top of the "Most Active" section, either naturally or by 'helping' it a bit
    3. Promoting it off-site i.e. to your list, on independent websites etc.

    That said, getting 20x monthly revenue is nothing too bizarre. I've sold sites for 40x monthly rev and even turnkey ones for several k. It's all a matter of making the site look attractive and you're done :)
  • And the site doesn't even have unique content/design!!!
  • [quote="aaa123"]
    And the site doesn't even have unique content/design!!!

    Yeah that's what strikes me the most. Bryan says 20x revenue isn't too bizzare (to me it still is :rolleyes: ) - maybe so, but with a site that looks like a blogger blog and can be replicated in minutes that was just mind boggling to me.
    I'll take his sales pitch template and use it I guess. See wut it can do :blush:

    PS: thanks for the great tips again.
  • The trick to being successful on Flippa is being the TREND SETTER. Who cares if the average turnkey site sells for $80? Sell them for $400! "New sites will only ever sell for up to $300". Rubbish.

    You can define the price of what you sell. You are selling quality. The buyer is getting an awesome deal. They are getting access to YOU. Don't follow the newbie site flippers - change the rules. Be a game-breaker.

    Some general points for getting more bids/views:

    Catchy listing title. Get people to look at your auction.
    Set a low starting bid. I almost always start at $1.
    Feature the listing. As Bryanon said, featuring is essential, often more than once. I can assure you that on average you will make more than $29 (cost of featuring) by featuring over not featuring.
    Post on relevant blogs/forums. Get exposure for your site. Get relevant buyers to you listing.

    Tons of ideas - once you've got a bidding war going on you are laughing.