Anyone else experiencing the same problem?
  • I get this message when i try to log on these days!!( See screenshot) Posted this thread to find out if i'm the only one experiencing this.
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  • Hey mate,

    We're looking into this. Just put a new site on the server which is taking up a ton of CPU space so we will move it asap!

  • I'm also having this problem till now. Any updates on the fix?
  • [quote="Kazuma"]
    I'm also having this problem till now. Any updates on the fix?

    Yes. Site is being moved today to the new server. Thanks!
  • When's the promised new stuff coming? The forum seems like it's dying.
  • Billy,

    To give you an update...We've added some new content under the bonus chapters and toolbox sections of the forum. We're in the process of combining the forum at one of our other sites called with this one. And we're in process of launching a new mastermind group in December.
  • hi chris,

    I hope you guys resolve this issue soon. It's becoming quite annoying to see the server load exceeded error for every 1 in 3 pages loaded.
  • I'm getting the same error again and again. It's frustrating.Please fix it soon.
  • Sorry for the issues. We're working with our tech team now to get it resolved.
  • Ok guys. We increased our load limit 10 times. Please let me know if you're still getting that issue.