Price this forex site..Please
  • Hi All,

    I'm about to list my first listing on flippa. Its a forex site with rewriiten plr articles and a sales page promoting a CB product.

    I have made 71$ in adsense from Sep 2008 to Oct 2010. It also made a 75$ commission on a CB product.

    I had done some bookmarking and outsourced some forum posting a few months back and thats all the promotion I have ever done.

    How much should I start this off at? If i start off at 1$, should i set a reserve price, or a buy now price? if yes, how much should i set the Buy it Now price for?

    Thank you for your time, energy,ideas and opinions.

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  • Tough to put an exact number on it, but I'd say something like $297 would be about right.
  • Thank you Thomas. I'll let you know how it goes.