Is DP dead for buying sites?
  • Hi everyone. I bought the eBook last week, and have just been soaking in the information and browsing this forum.

    I have also kept a close eye on the DP marketplace, and I am discouraged by what I see. The vast majority of sites being listed there are turnkey blogs with 0 traffic and 0 revenue. If I wanted to do a medium-term flip and pump SEO into a brand new site, I would probably rather just build it myself.

    There are a few sites for sale with traffic and revenue, but most of them are a bit out of my league, going for $1,000 or more.

    Furthermore, of the sites that do claim traffic/revenue, nobody is offering proof. I have seen maybe 1 or 2 sites out of several dozen that verify Google analytics data. The best you can hope for is maybe a screenshot or two, which I can not put a lot of faith in.

    Maybe my eyes aren't sharp enough yet to spot good prospects. My first impression, however, is that the DP marketplace is full of garbage sites and possibly rife with scammers.
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  • Yeah, it can be tough to find good sites on DP due to the reasons you listed. There are some scammers on there and most of the people that sell sites on DP have absolutely no clue how to write a proper listing copy and they rarely show screenshots and traffic proof. Furthermore, most of them use AW Stats or some other crappy tracking program to show traffic which isn't as reliable as Google Analytics in my opinion.

    On the other hand, if you know how to spot deals, you're in good shape because a lot of others might have overlooked them.

    I've found quite a few nice deals on DP over the past few months and they are turning out to be pretty profitable for me. What I do is make sure that I talk to the person before placing a bid. I ask them if they can send me traffic and revenue proof and if they can't, I walk away. I also just try to get a feel for how they are as a person and if I'm comfortable doing a deal with them in the first place. Also make sure to always check their feedback score.

    I find that talking to them over Skype or Google Chat or some other chat program is much better because then you can have a 1 on 1 conversation with them about the site. I normally strike deals with them right in the chat too so I don't even have to worry about bidding on the sites.

    My suggestion is to have a specific type of site in mind to start with before you go looking for deals. Maybe you want a forum, or a site that sells a CB product, or one that earns from Amazon. Decide that first and then go looking through all the threads for that type of site only. It will be much easier for you to analyze and you won't be overwhelmed with all of the different listings on there. Plus, you will soon master it and you'll be able to spot a good deal on that specific type of site really quickly.

    Another thing I like to do is make the sellers come to me. Open up a [WTB] thread for the type of sites you want to buy and you will start getting PMs pretty quickly.

    It's tough at first, but you'll get the hang of it. There is definitely money to be made by flipping DP sites though since you can almost always get them below market value.