• Hi, I'm one of those "newbies" who doesn't know a lot about site flipping. I've been to Flippa.com and have thought about doing this type of thing as a business but up until now, I've been procrastinating. (I used the excuse that I was "learning"). But no more, it's time to take action! :D

    My previous internet marketing experience was in selling affiliate products. I used to work in a call center doing basic "tech support" for a 3rd party extended warranty company (think Staples or Best Buy warranties).

    Since I basically got (on average) a 100+ calls a day, and most of them were spyware/malware/anti-virus related "how to" calls. I decided to setup a website called banspyware.com and refer the "customers" to it and hope they would click on my affiliate link and buy the software. Seemed like a good idea at the time and was pretty targeted traffic.

    For whatever reason I let the domain expire and never did anything with it. In hind-site I should have tried to sell the website. Live and learn.

    I'm looking forward to learning a lot from the experienced website flippers here.

    Question: If I have a specific website I'd like to sell, could I post the URL here and get some advice on the best way to improve it and get it ready to sell on Flippa or DP?
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  • Welcome and I'm glad you bought the product and joined the forums.

    In answer to your question: yes. Thomas or Bryan will gladly answer and help with anything that you might need and I will do the same.

  • Hello and welcome.

    As Fruit has already said - feel free to ask for specific help relating to an auction or website - that's what we are all here for :)