Will Changing My Site To A Blog Hurt It Before Trying To Flip It?
  • Hi everyone

    I have an HTML site that is satrting to drop down in the rankings and losing Adsense revenue as I haven't done a lot to it recently. I want to try to revive this site before putting it up for sale.

    For ease of adding articles and the use of plugins for SEO, I was thinking of changing the site to a WP one.

    Does anyone know if this would hurt the site at all? I'm not sure how the search engines wouldm react going from HTMl to WP.

    Would changing it to a WP site make it more desirable for buyers or would I still be able to sell it as an HTML site?

    Eager for any advice :)


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  • Watch out when changing from HTML to WP. The urls must remain unchanged.
    I recently did a move like this and I did not pay attention that the homepage url which was ranking on first page in google and which was something like 'home/index.html'

    After the change to WP, the URL was without the 'index.html' part and the site dropped from page 1 to page 6 or so.
  • Hi Neil. In my experience converting a site to a blog can only hurt SEO rankings if you don't handle the 301 redirects properly and if you make your on-site SEO worse than it was before. Blogs, if done right, are very search engine friendly.