How Do You Switch Out Affiliate Links in Wordpress?
  • I have a Wordpress-based site with a few thousand posts that include Shareasale affiliate links. I want to sell the site and am concerned about how the buyer would go about changing all of the links to include his/her account code instead of mine. Do they all have to be edited by hand, or is there a plugin that can do a find/replace on the entire site with one click?
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  • I answered my own question. There is a Wordpress plugin called "Search and Replace" that does exactly what I needed it to do. With one click it changed over 4000 affiliate links on my site -- much better than doing it all one post at a time.
  • Great find. I didn't realize that plugin existed. I usually had to do it directly in phpmyadmin using a SQL statement.
  • Thanks - that's extremely helpful for lots of uses.