Hello Everybody
  • Hello there,

    I'm MeaCulpa, known to my RL and online friends as JD and I'm an SEO expert :) I've always been in to creating sites and getting them to make some nice revenue but I can honestly say I've never sold a site in my life. Bought the ebook (Killer Flipping Secrets) and I've been reading it for the past 3 hours :) (It's 03:00 here atm)

    That was it for me, JD out!

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  • Hi mate,

    Thanks for joining up :)

    Hopefully you can put your SEO skills to good use and start making a nice profit (especially when we get round to that JV :D).


    p.s. go to bed :P
  • Hello and welcome! So glad you bought the book it is definitely worth the price. Looking forward to sharing and telling with you.