how much would you pay for this site

    dude offered me it for $80 needs work no real income or traffic -

    revenue $ 2 from addsense

    what do you experts reckon then
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  • You didn't really provide enough info. We can't just look at the site and determine it's value.

    You say no real traffic, but does it get any traffic at all? If so, how much and where is it from?

    Is the $2 from adsense per day, week, month, year, or what?

    Need way more details.
  • Agreed. If it's $2/day, $80 sounds like a good price.
  • [quote="chrismyates"]
    Agreed. If it's $2/day, $80 sounds like a good price.

    A site selling at $80 making $60/month from Adsense isn't a good price; it's a brilliant price.

    Sadly, I doubt that it is making that much ;)
  • yeh the guy was a lousy seller - the dates didnt add up on teh who is ----triple check everything- i say
  • well checked out though so well done. Hopefully will talk to you soon pal
  • @ irnwho
    I dont understand what you said ? did you buy it ?
  • no meant well done for checking your bases before you bought it. Many people would have rushed in to buy it.