Adsense sites not making good sales
  • I was going to sell my top money making site last weekend but upon researching Flippa it looks like these are selling for only about double monthly income now. It's a seasonal (cold weather) site making about $130 last month. Obviously double doesn't cut it as I've made $280 since the beginning of August and will make over $100 next month.
    It's at #10 in my market so more back links will double this income for next year. I guess I'll just keep it.
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  • Flippa will slow down coming up to Christmas. Thanksgiving was a very slow week too. My advice would be hold onto any sites you have until after Christmas, unless you're desperate to sell when you should look to get rid of them in the next 2 weeks.

    I think if it's a decent site it will still go for good multiple, but you might be better off growing it until you have a consistent proof of traffic and revenue (6 months +).

    If you also think you can still improve it and it's below potential then keep pushing it up the SERPs. Would be a shame to sell it only to have the buyer triple the revenue in a few weeks by blasting some backlinks :)
  • The issue is that it is a winter buying site (outerwear). I don't offer a product (not enough $) hence, adsense. My numbers will plummet after the first of the year. I've got Auto Backlink Bomb working on it now and will slam it with that and Scrapebox going forward.
  • It makes sense to me to sell it around the time when your earnings are peaking but before they drop off. However, buyers are going to likely figure this out. If it was me buying, I'd take into account the seasonality and average out earnings over 12 months. If you could build/buy another warm season site and sell the two together, that could be a great strategy.
  • I'm just going to keep it. I'm not certain that all Flippa buyers are as smart as you think. I sold a site ages ago and I'm still getting nice clicks, still have the dashboard, but don't own the domain (it sits at #3). Got another one at #1 but the buyer still hasn't done anything, there's a place holder there. I should buy them back.
  • Billy,

    Good point, there are definitely buyers who will only look at recent income and not consider seasonality. You'll just need to watch out for comments on your auction from the more savvy buyers who might bring it to others attention.
  • I emailed both of them, one wrote back. Since she's interested in Forex she's going to keep it for now, She's a complete noob so I'll end up with it back eventually. Meanwhile since I still control the dashboard (?) I added a banner and anchor text for a couple of Forex products. It doesn't make much with adsense anyway (although $9.00 clicks when someone does).
    The other one (with only a place holder on it) is number one with 1300 searches/month. He could at least put up Amazon products and make some cake on that.
    Go figure.