My Formal Introduction + GoDaddy Frustration!
  • Hi guys, my name is Stephen!

    I guess there wasn't anything formal about my introduction...Well, sorry I let you down.

    I got the course 11/28, read it, then I spent 11/29 looking for websites, and on 11/30 I finalized the transaction and bought my first two websites for $80 (I wanted to stay below $100). There was another juicy one that was only $50 (you can probably find it if you go right now!)...I tried offering $30, then $40 but the seller was quite stubborn...Oh well!

    I'm pretty happy with my two domains. I think that I can make a few bucks with them without too much effort, and hopefully within the month I can flip each for a modest 100% return. That's my goal anyways.

    I know, call me conservative ;)

    But really, I did some pretty in depth research to see how much earning and non-earning sites of the type I bought sell for, and I don't think that a 100% return is at all unreasonable. Especially if I make any revenue at all. If I don't I'll just have to make lots of cool bonuses to offer my bidders. Either way, I'm good to go.

    I'll try and keep the forum updated, but I'll likely start a different thread for it.

    It's now time for me to complain about GoDaddy's STUPID 60 DAY LOCK!


    I'd totally completed the transaction when I learned that GoDaddy locks domains for 60 days after transferring from a different registrar! How unbelievably frustrating.

    Suffice to say, I'm about up to here with GoDaddy's slimy forced-self-promotion.

    And it's stupid that even though Bob Parson has claimed that Domain Tasting (basically, registering popular searched for domains for a few days at a time to make money) is both ethically and morally wrong, somehow you always seem to lose any good domain you find on GoDaddy, even if you only wait 24 hours to buy it (happened to me more than once).

    Even if nothing else, their general lack of transparency or customer service (two things important to a successful business) has made GoDaddy hard to deal with.

    So, for all the reasons listed above, I'm proud to announce that I will no longer be buying domains from GoDaddy, and will go ahead and make the jump to NameCheap (seems like the best option).

    Anyways, thanks for listening to my rant. Pleasure to meet you all, I'm really looking forward to being a member of this forum.

    - Stephen
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  • Stephen,

    Welcome to the forum and thank you so much for taking action.

    I feel your pain regarding domain registrars. I've got a few nightmare stories about it too.

    Let us know how things go.

  • Welcome to the forum, Stephen.

    I'd recommend or namecheap - both are pretty decent.

    I also have some GoDaddy horror stories, so I never buy domains with them, but quite often buy sites from people who do.