Flipping Network is Hiring!
  • Hello,

    As many of you will know, myself and Bryan are busy preparing for public launch (in about 2 weeks) of Killer Flipping Secrets and selling on various IM forums at a discounted price for feedback and testimonials.

    We're therefore looking to hire a customer service rep and affiliate manager.

    Both roles are currently flexible in terms of responsibilities and hours - so we're mainly just looking for CVs/Resumes at this stage. Good English is essential.

    Quick outline of the roles:

    Affiliate Manager

    We'll be running a private affiliate program so your role will be to acquire and retain affiliates ensuring they have all necessary resources at their disposal.

    Customer Service Representative

    - Confirming orders and deliveries
    - Managing 1st level customer support requests
    - Managing order process
    - Report generation
    - Other ad hoc tasks

    Please forward all CVs/Resumes to jobs@killerflippingsecrets.com


    Thomas and Bryan

    P.s. if you are interested in promoting KFS as an affiliate, please drop one of us a message and we will give you further details :)
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  • Just wanted to quickly add that the affiliate manager will need to be able to work rather independently;

    While we obviously provide you with some basic training, leads etc., nobody is going to micromanage you and it will be mostly up to you to plan your own schedule and activities so that you could show best possible results.

    P.S. When sending us your CV, please include a salary expectation.
  • The Affiliate Manager position has now been taken and congratulations go to Stefan (MeaCulpa) who will start with us on Monday the 24th.

    We are still looking for a Customer Support Representative so make sure to shoot as an email if you think you know someone who would be suitable. If we find our perfect CS rep based on your suggestion then there will certainly be a reward in it for you! :)

  • Just like to add - congratulations to Stefan, both myself and Bryan were very impressed with his application and contributions so far. Hopefully you will give him all a warm welcome and give him a few days to find his feet :)

  • Hi, I told my wife about the customer service position and she sent her resume but never heard anything. She wanted to know if you are still looking for someone.
  • Hey,

    Thanks - we got it. We're a bit back-logged with applications at the moment but will get back to her in due course. We will respond to each person, just need a few days to get through them all :)

  • It is great to see people hiring in spite of the current economy.