Flip a site from Ebay in Flippa!
  • Dear All,

    I now try flip a website that buy cheap from ebay. I delete all content and write another 20 unique content, add videos autopilot, change the header to be unique beautifully designed, do some seo, backlinks, article submission to boost Alexa from 24,000,000 to now 2,400,000.

    If you interested, have a look at the link below:


    Hope the unique content really can sell. I summarize many little money making secrets and write into post. This generates quite a lot of traffic from other site that ping my articles. Now traffic mainly from search engine or backlinks or blog directory. Quality content really works for traffic. =) hope this site can sell out. =)

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  • The site looks very attractive - you did a good job with the design. Would you be willing to say how much you paid for it on Ebay?

  • I paid for $25 in total which is $5 for the site and $20 for the domain transferred as told by the seller. Finally sold for $ 197. I spent about $25 in boosting the Alexa rank, building links and traffic.[hr]
    I think the value is unique content that i do research and write. I also read some ebooks and summarize the good point into the articles. These unique quality content start pulling traffic from search engine and article directory.