My first Flippa Auction!
  • Doing some brokering for people and just listed this (the guy wanted me to list it right away) ... le-Traffic

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  • Short and consise. Interested bidders are going to ask you a LOT of questions. That'll be a time sink.

  • I would try get some revenue screenshots that show the $ value - as when looking at those all I see is a number of signups, which could be anything to a potential bidder. Important when conversions are so high as the traffic is nothing to shout about.
  • Right, I'll add that
  • Congrats on your 100$ bid, but I agree with Thomas. Proof of the conversions are what sell sites. The text you put there really doesn't substitute a picture.

  • Thanks Fruit :)

    I know but it's hard as the sites don't actually show that, I've posted it in a comment tho.

  • Can you do a video of logging into the affiliate account and showing the earnings? That tends to work best. At the moment most people with XXXX budgets will probably skip by this one due to the lack of proof.
  • I'll ask the guy I'm brokering for
  • I see a $2100 bid. Nice job man.