JD's Killer Flipping Secrets Vlog #1 - First Project!
  • Hey there,

    I'm shooting a daily vlog for the "Killer Flipping Secrets" eBook and here's the first episode:


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  • Thank you for the video. It is very inspiring.

    I also saw your other video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S6qfEuF8_ZU

    From what I understand in that video (Killing Flipping Secrets Review - MeaCulpa (JD)), you found your $45 site on DP. I assume you improved it as instructed in the KFS ebook, but how so, specifically?

    -Did you redesign the site? Did you add more content?
    -Did you add backlinks? Since it was a quick flip, adding backlinks wouldn't have made an effect SEO-wise, so I'm assuming, No?
    -How much was your site's monthly revenue? Was revenue from Adsense only?
    -What was your site's PR?

    Thank you for your time.
  • Hey Mate,

    I'd explain but all I did is actually described in the eBook, I'll throw some quick answers yer way though.

    1. I redesigned it quite a bit yes and I definitely added more content
    2. I'm an SEO expert, I only added 2 senuke blasts in the BIN bonus
    3. Forgot
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