Big HI from Maryland!!
  • Hey All!

    I am new here. I have voraciously read the Killer Flipping Secrets course - which was excellent btw. I am now in the phase of trying to decide how best to get started, so if anyone has any sage advice, it would be muchly appreciated!!

    Talk soon,
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  • Hey Brenda,

    Glad you have enjoyed it so far :)

    Welcome to the forums and feel free to ask any questions. Why don't you start off by telling us which strategy you are looking to follow and your previous experiences (if any)? Then we can go from there and find out what is best for you.

  • Welcome, Thomas and Bryanon can help you with anything questions you might have.

  • Thanks Thomas!

    My background is in computer programmingand web development, and I know how to do the following:

    Build websites (HTML, DreamWeaver, FrontPage, WordPRess)

    Write articles and books (Not much sales copy experience. I write policy for the federal govt)

    On Page SEO to get good rankings for keywords with decent search volume (I use Market Samurai to find niche keywords I can rank for)

    I suck at:

    Graphic design - give me a good template and I am all set!

    Off page SEO - Getting backlinks????:huh:

    Sooooo... Where do YOU think I should begin?


  • I would start with blogs. Easy to develop, lots of great free themes, plug-ins to make things easier, and you have the ability to rank for keywords. Create them and up-sell with products or services. You can make anything from 100 - 150 a flip if you do it correctly.