• Just wanted to say HI! to everyone here.

    Just finished reading the eBook, and have got all the material ready to start earning some $$$

    I've got some experience with IM, but have never flipped a site before.

    Just a quick question...

    As one of my first projects, I was thinking of getting an exact keyword match domain for a search that gets above 3,000 phrase searches, and putting some adsense or other monetization techniques onto it.

    Then once it's earning, flip it!

    How does that sound?


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  • Hello and welcome, glad you bought the course and joined the forum.

    To answer your question it will work if you can gather up all the potential traffic and convert with adsense or another PPC Network.

    Here is a good example: http://flippa.com/auctions/94486/155mon ... sense-Site

    It took me like 10 minutes to find this thread, but I did find it!

  • Thanks a lot.

    Yeah, that site could be something similar to what I would flip.
  • Welcome Jay,

    That's a great example of fantastic monetization - he/she must have spent a lot of time perfecting the CTR rate. Adsense sites usually go for the highest revenue multiples, especially when established.

    It's a good idea to start with a number of sites and flip some as you go along. It would definitely be good to start with one to build up confidence and then expand from there.